Are you ready for a journey to the sway of pop rhythms? Then take a deep breath and follow the beat of the music to keep in time.

Dancing Queen or Rocket Man? Choose whatever version of the exercise you want.
Press play: Listen to the sounds the singer is making.
Once the background music begins, try to vocalise what the singer has demonstrated loud out loud.
Listen carefully, the sounds change throughout the exercise.
Now we are ready! The challenge is to try the 3 rhythms: slow, moderate speed and fast so you are always ON “mi mi lai lai mai lai”

#1 Exercise


Let's start slowly, to enter the rhythm on a soft note. Once you reach the end, well done! The first challenge is completed. Take a few seconds to rest and rehydrate before moving on to the next level.

Moderate Speed

Don't stop me now! Try to keep the rhythm, and if your feet want to join in, dance!


For the last dance, take a deep breath and finish this challenge on a high.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

date of preparation: March 2021