Patients Testimonials

Omotola Thomas

40 years old, United Kingdom, diagnosed in 2016

“I have never really looked at it as a negative thing. I generally believed that there is opportunity in adversity, opportunity to be stronger, opportunity to be an inspiration to other people. If you are in pain from an illness like this, why not try to utilise that pain and turn it into something positive and turning it into something powerful.”

Alex Reed

57 years old, United Kingdom, diagnosed in 2006

“…you can live with Parkinson’s and you will not be in a wheelchair when you’re twenty years old.
You can have a great life if you want it. It’s your choice, we’re not victims.”

Richard Underwood

56 years old, United Kingdom, diagnosed in 2003

“I believe that Parkinson’s will become a better condition to live on a day to day basis and people should not give up hope, but they should seek answers and make sure that they are empowered to be able to live the best life they can.”

date of preparation May 2021